Recently, FK received a test report from China Mechanical Industry Bearing Product Quality Inspection Center (Hangzhou). The test conclusion: 4 sets of HS-UC210 samples passed the 954 hours high-speed life test at a speed of 10100 rpm and realized the expected test purpose.

FK bearing unit UC210 inspection report

FK bearing unit uc210 inspection report 2

FK bearing unit inspection

FK High Speed&Mute Bearing Units are mainly used in fields with high speed requirements and low noise requirements, such as air conditioning fans and woodworking machinery; And the fields  to improve work efficiency, such as high-end agricultural machinery equipment, high-speed spinning machines, etc.

FK mute bearing

The difference between High Speed&Mute Bearing Units and ordinary bearings with housing is the same as the difference between high-speed rail and old green train. With the gradual application of FK High Speed&Mute Bearing Units in various fields, the situation that high-speed bearing unit were monopolized by European and Japanese brands in China market has been broken, import substitution has been effectively realized, providing more options for stable supply of the supply chain.

About FK Bearing

FK is the abbreviation for "Find solution, Keep rotation", it stands for "Provide the best solutions to customers, ensure the application running without problems." This determines that we have to provide products and services from the end user's perspective.

We have always focused on bearing part industry, after 50 years development and accumulation, FK is accelerating the transformation and upgrading to be "Bearing Parts Expert and Leading Supplier".

FK Bearing Group Co.,Ltd. was orignally founded in 1969 and always focuses on Bearing Units in the past 50 years. 

FK has complete industrial chain automatic factory of its own, now FK is one of the biggest bearing parts factories in China with annal production and sales up to 18 million pieces.

Bearing units provide simple and effective bearing arrangements capable of accommodating moderate initial misalignment from mounting errors, they are easily mounted onto commercial shafting.The reliability, simplicity and ease of assembly of FK bearing units has resulted in their popularity in sectors of agricultural machinery, mining equipment, textile machinery, fans, woodworking machinery, lifting machine, packaging machinery, fitness equipment, parking equipment and construction machinery as well as process and automation equipment.

To help end users get FK products and services more quickly and conveniently, FK partners create "30 Provinces in China, 72 countries in the world" sales and service network, giving the fastest reponses to any customers.

FK, a bearing products expert and leading supplier will contuniue to be one of most professional bearing manufacturer in the world!